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How do you treat the iPhone X

Dec 02, 2017

After a series of phone screen like Samsung LCD Screen,Sony LCD Display .iPhone X is Apple's first full screen mobile phone, From Iphone LCD Screen Display to full screen.

In this product, Apple re-use the iPhone 4 series of the same stainless steel border, and the iPhone 4 borders caused by the "Death Grip" is different, iPhone X Black Edition Peeling paint problem is particularly serious, but the silver version is not good enough to go.Silver version of the iPhone X uses glossy stainless steel, although the hardness is higher than the aluminum alloy, but the problem of scratch resistance and exposed, from the point of view of the explosion or not even before and after the glass scratch. For users who like to protect the phone or take the cover as well, not accustomed to users with a set may have to endure the phone easily scratched the problem.

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